Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is the Federal bureaucracy too big to be effective"

The federal bureacracy organizes employees to achieve specific goals.The federal bureaucracy, like many, falls into to organizational categories—line agencies and staff agencies. Line agencies execute policy and provide services while staff agencies gather information for use by the chief executive officer. In the federal government, line agencies are executive departments, government agencies, government corporations, independent regulatory commissions, and other central services and control agencies. Staff agencies in the federal government are the president’s cabinet and the Executive Office of the Presidency. the size of the federal bureaucracy grew from 1,000 employees in 1790 to over 2,800,000 in 1979, the number of civilian employees began to decline after the end of the cold war and has since decreased to about 2,600,000. Federal bureaucrats serve in a wide variety of positions and geographic locations both in the United States and around the world.
Although the Federal bureaucracy is large it is still able to be effective.It has many important objectives which is why it is necessary to be so large.