Thursday, February 18, 2010

test essay

Free Response

a) Define the elite theory, pluralist theory and hyper-pluralist theory of interest groups in government. (15)
Elite theory is the theoretical idea that the majority of all political power is held by one group of wealthy people who share common goals, morals, values and interests. The main idea of elite theory is that the leaders of big organizations dominate all large scale societies including the Unites States. Pluralism is rooted in the general theory of society made by liberal theorists. This idea is that there is more than one center of power. Hyper pluralist theory is that too many groups are trying to influence the political process, resulting in political chaos and contradiction among government policies.

b) Apply one of the theories above to the current debate over health care legislation. (10)

Hyper pluralist theory applies to the current debate over health care legislation because, there are too many groups that are trying to make health care go in all different directions. All of the disagreements between the groups is only causing chaos and leading to more problems. The different influences are making it difficult to decide what form of health care is best for the greater amount of people.

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