Thursday, March 25, 2010

In light of the nation's experience over recent decades, has the presidency grown too powerful or too weak?

Over recent decades, the president has lost power in government. The earliest presidents had more power to make their choices and did not have to get their choices approved by many different groups.
The president himself has lost power but the government has grown stronger and they relize the impact of their decisions. The government is separated into different houses and groups which are in charge of different parts of the US government. If the groups want to make any laws they have to ultimately be approved by the president but the proposal of the law takes pressure off the president to make all the decisions.
The role as president has grown more complicated and difficult as the United States has expanded and the population has grown. Because the presidents position becomes more complex daily his work is delegated to other workers within the government and he does not have to make as many choices concerning the United States.
The president can have the amount of power that is deemed necessary without creating a monarchy. By no means has the presidency grown too weak which is made clear by the importance of the presidential election to US citizens.

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